Quality Cabinet Painting Services in Rochester and Brighton, NY

Do you want to give your cabinets a makeover? We offer cabinet painting services in Rochester, Brighton, NY, and the surrounding areas, so we can come to you no matter where you are. Whether you're restoring an old piece of furniture or want to give your kitchen a fresh new look, Picture Perfect Illustration can help you get there. We have all the tools and expertise to make your cabinets look like they were made yesterday! And if you want more, we've also had experience refacing kitchen cabinets.

Give Your Cabinets a Makeover

We can paint your cabinets in any color you like-or we can even do them in a fun, bold pattern if that's what gets your motor running. We'll work with you on the design and ensure everything looks great before we start working. We also have lots of experience with touch-up work after installation, including cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing. So, if the kids or the dogs get too enthusiastic about scratching things up, don't worry!

We Make Your Old Cabinets Look New Again!

We provide cabinet painting services, and we do it with care. We know that your cabinets are the backbone of your home, and we want them to look their best for as long as possible. That's why we use only premium-grade paint made especially for cabinets. Our experienced team in Rochester and Brighton, NY, has been kitchen cabinet painting for over a decade. We will ensure your new paint job lasts for years to come so that you can enjoy the results in comfort and style.